Premier Equestrian Training program


Board (through KD Sport Horses LLC):   Stall $695/month      
*billed on the 1st                                          Rough $465/month      
minimum services: $250        
*billing cycle 21st-20th of the next month          
Al la carte Training Services             
On Farm...$50, Trailer in...$75, Off Farm...Contact Mark   
Training rides/hacks/lounging: 
On Farm...$25, Trailer in...$50, Off Farm...Contact Mark   
Farrier catch/hold $20        
*all horses are required to be supervised          
Training Service Packages          
Full Training (no lessons) $550/cycle        
Full Training (1-2 lessons/week) $700/cycle        
Full Training (unlimited lessons) $900/cycle        
*farrier catch/hold included in all full service packages      
*if traveling/showing all training charges will be billed al la carte      
Horse showing          
Schooling Fee : $90/day ( 4 horse minimum, contact about other pricing)
Trainers/Grooms & Golf Cart Expenses: split between customers    
Daily Basic Care (includes stall, feeding, wrapping): $35/horse/day
Daily Full Care (includes daily care): $55/horse/day
Medications billed at cost, Administered only by Stowaway  
Al la carte Medical Care          
Vet directed wrapping: $10 per time plus supplies (or provided by client)  
Soaking Feet: $15 per time        
Wrapping Feet: $5 per foot (supplies provided)    
Wound care/cleaning: $5-20 dependent on severity    
Cold hosing: $15 per time        
Catching/holding for vet appt: $25 minimum then billed at $25 per hour  
Other non-emergency care: $60 per hour billed in 15 min increments  
Sales Commissions          
Acting as agent in sale/lease:          
10% of sale price with a $500 minimum.          
Commission does NOT include: trucking, advertisement fees, expenses, etc.    
Acting as agent in purchase:          
10% of original asking price with a $500 minimum, or a total of day fees at $350/day, whichever is greater
Commission does NOT include: trucking, expenses incurred while trying/looking at horse, etc.